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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 How much disk space does the Index require?
The installed MEW Index requires approximately 45Mb of disk space


Q2 Is the Index compatible with all version of Windows ?
Although programmed using Windows XP, the Index operates correctly on all versions including Windows 7


Q3 How comprehensive is the MEW Index?
The current Index (Issues 1-224) covers 85 Subject Headings, lists 968 Authors and contains 3,579 Article Titles


Q4 What screen resolution should I use to view the Index on my PC ?
The Index has been designed to function at a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels


Q5 How will I know when a newer version of the Index is available ?
The Index on CD is updated annually. Check the web site for advanced news of updates


Q6 Do I have to delete the current Index when installing the latest version ?
The installation procedure automatically over-writes any earlier version


Q7 My computer is set to use a different screen resolution - is that a problem ?
Operating the Index at a less than recommended screen resolution requires the use of scroll bars


Q8 The small magazine front cover icons do not appear on my screen - what can I do ?
It is necessary to install QuickTime to view the thumbnails. With the Index running click on Help/About


Q9 Can I operate the Index direct from the CD, or must I install it on my computer ?
The Index can be run directly from the CD if absolutely necessary, but will operate extremely slowly


Q10 Will the program work on my Apple Mac computer system ?
Due to a very poor response it is not cost-effective to continue to produce a version in Apple Mac format


Q11 I cannot access the Traders List mentioned in the manual
The Traders List is present in a PDF file on the CD, and will be automatically copied to your hard drive


Q12 How can I view the content of every magazine on my Index ?
A complete list of all Magazine and Titles can be viewed at any time via the Reset Columns button


Q13 What is the point of the ability to select and view multiple selections ?
Multiple selections allows the user to browse several categories and authors covering all search options


Q14 Why can't I find any reference to a letter which I have had published ?
Only those letters judged to have long term or pertinent information of interest to most readers are indexed


Q15 I cannot find an option to print out my selections
The design does not include a print option. The user can print/save using Windows screen dump options


Q16 It is not always clear which, if any, of the references in the Notes column are relevant to my selection
To check relevance of references in the Notes column the user should highlight a specific Title of interest


Q17 What can I do if I have difficulty installing the index on my machine ?
If you experience any difficulties installing your Index please contact CAHW by email


Q18 How can I obtain a copy of the index if I do not have a bank account or credit card ?
UK Banks are withdrawing cheque facilities so is regretted that CD orders can only be processed via the CAHW website


Q19 Are payments made via the web site secure ?
Payments using the web site are totally secure - ensure that you see HTTPS to the top left of your sceeen


Q20 What happens if I am still unable to install the Index despite the best advice from you ?
If, despite assistance from CAHW you are still unable to install the Index, the final option is a full refund


Q21 Why have the magazines been referenced by Issue Number rather than by month of issue ?
The Issue Number was chosen because earlier magazines were published at differing periods of time


Q22 Why, as the author of several articles have you listed me more than once ?
Authors are listed by the details accompanying each article. If there is duplication please contact CAHW


Q23 The "reverse order" arrows at the top of the columns do not always seem to work
The reversing arrows have small "sweet spots" which unfortunately require a degree of dexterity to master


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